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Did you know?

That in the State of Washington, anyone can take away your rights by Court Order, without notice?

  • The right to go to political conventions
  • The right to carry a firearm
  • Some First Amendment rights

Did you know that it can be done without any evidence?

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Hearing Delayed Due to RNC Convention


Kirby and Lori together in Tampa

As reported here earlier under  the calendar section, Chief Judge Marsha Peckman, US Federal Court Western Division, granted Lori Sotelo’s motion (through her attorney) to have this case remanded back to King County District Court on the grounds of improper venue.

Upon Judge Peckman’s decision, Lori’s attorney filed a motion to reinstate the original (temporary) anti-harassment protection order with the motion to have it made permanent. The hearing was scheduled for Wednesday, August 29, 2012.

Late Tuesday, Judge Michael Finkle, granted a Motion for Continuance by Lori Sotelo’s attorney. According to a court clerk interviewed early Tuesday morning, Judge Finkle rarely grants such motions off the record, preferring to make his decision for continuance on the record during the scheduled hearing. Clearly Wednesday’s hearing was inconvenient for the petitioner, a delegate (challenged by Washington Republicans) at the RNC convention in Tampa this week and the hearing  is now postponed until  September 12, 2012 at 8:45 am in Room 341 of the King County District Courthouse in Seattle.

Judge Finkle admitted on the record at the first hearing in June that he had sought the endorsement of Lori Sotelo in her capacity as King County Republican Party Chair, for his last election campaign.

Judge Finkle is scheduled to hear this petition and rule on it on September 12, 2012.

Motion to Remand Granted


Chief Judge Marsha Peckman, US Federal Court Western Division, determined today that her court has no jurisdiction in Sotelo v Parris, Lori Sotelo having not mentioned the Constitution in her original petition for an anti-harassment protection order against Doug Parris. Oral arguments were denied. Attorney Stephen Pidgeon submitted extensive written arguments that the order violated Doug’s basic, constitutionally acknowledged right to free speech and interfered with his work as a journalist.


Read the decision here:

Sotelo v Parris – Order to Remand w Atty fees

Wilbur Can’t Make up His Mind


Caught in the act of using party funds to promote his own re-election as WSRP Chair (by paying for and approving mailings to support KCGOP Chair Lori Sotelo’s anointed PCO candidates), Kirby Wilbur  whined yesterday that he didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to lend his approval to KCGOP using WSRP’s mailing services for their illegal activities. And then had the gall to blame “those Ron Paul people” for trying to take over the poor beleaguered Republican Party.

Facing a barrage of telephone calls from Central Committee members and bad press across the state, Kirby sent the following Sunday afternoon:

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Wilbur & Sotelo misuse party funds


Reprinted from TheReaganWing is Part 1 of the story that has been occupying Republicans across Washington this week:

Kirby Wilbur, just like the RNC, seems to think he is above his  own rules.

When  King County Republicans in precincts with contested Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) elections collected their mail this week, they were astonished to find  professionally produced postcards  endorsing one Republican candidate in preference to others.

Read the rest of the story here

Federal Case Update


Oral arguments in Sotelo’s Motion to Remand to Kind County District Court have been requested by attorney for the defendant, Stephen Pidgeon.  Judge Marsha Peckman has not responded to the request.


Notwithstanding her decision, defendant’s counterclaim pursuant to the Motion to Remand, remain.

Sotelo in Flip Flops


[Ed note: Originally published in 2008 at The Reagan Wing]

Twin Quotes of the Week

December 4, 2008 by Doug Parris | Edit

lori-demandingcapI’m Pro-Life and I have a lot of women friends who are Pro-Life. But me and my Pro-Life friends would LEAVE the Republican Party if it ever took away a woman’s right to choose”

~ Lori Sotelo, in secret debate, as the Chair of the 2006 County Platform Committee

Everything Doug Parris says is a lie”

~ Lori Sotelo, to a 32nd/46th Legislative joint 2006 Party office candidate forum after Doug exposed her bold pro-abortion stance in the Platform Committee.

Sotelo Attempts Dismissal


Western District Courthouse, Seattle

On June 22, 2012, Lori Sotelo in the person of her counsel Jennifer Cannon-Unione, filed (in United States District Court, Western District of Washington at Seattle) Plaintiff’s Motion to Remand to State District Court and for an Award of Fees and Costs.

The plaintiff argues that because she has never raised any claims or issues under the Constitution, laws, or treaties of the Untied States, but instead sought protection from Mr. Parris’ “unlawful harassment,” pursuant to Washington State code, the federal courts are not a proper venue for this case. Sotelo’s case, in effect, asserts the right of a public figure to censor, and even criminalize  a journalist’s political photography.

Ms. Sotelo’s counsel  further accuses Doug and his attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, of removing the case to federal court for the sole purpose of delay  to further harass Ms. Sotelo.

The noting date before Chief District Judge Marsha J Peckman  on the motion to remand to King County District Court is  July 20, 2012. Noting dates are “targets,” not definitive.